Unofficial OpenMW AppImages

These AppImages are built and provided by the creator of and are not endorsed or supported by the OpenMW team.

Release Builds

Dev Builds

Latest Dev Build: Engine

Latest Dev Build: Launcher

Latest Dev Build: Navmeshtool

Verify files with minisign:

minisign -Vm <file> -P RWRhRQIxQyKu4Bpxy2AF5lB2el21dlVzMSPuTr3ThgYD3WskT80vbmTH

Why Use An AppImage?

AppImages are mostly useful for being standalone executables that just work. There may be an existing, official way to get a release build (e.g. Flatpak) but generally speaking you have to build it yourself if you want to try a dev build on Linux.

I make and provide these AppImages as a way for folks to get easy access to dev builds on virtually any modern Linux setup, and also for those that just a single, standalone executable.

Report problems specific to the AppImage here, source is located here