Update time!

2018-04-21 | by M'aiq The Admin under Updates

Greetings, outlander! Another fine update today, this time 69 mods have been added to the recommended list, as well as several other changes, fixes, and updates.

Unfortunately, several mods in the recommended list do not work straight out of the box; many textures require renaming, meshes patching, and more. I do my best to indicate when this is needed in the 'usage notes', but in the future I'd like to publish detailed information on the various tweaks that need to be done to make things work. Some things are already explained quite well in other places (e.g. the official OpenMW docs have a great article on how to 'de-shiny' mods with that particular problem.) but others aren't covered so well, so I'd like to fill that gap.

In the meantime, enjoy the overhauled recommended mods list! There's more to come on that front as well, of course.

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