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Animation 5 Mods for altering or adding animations.
Architecture 60 Mods that change arcitecture and housing.
Armor 32 Mods that improve the armor meshes and textures.
Audio 25 Mods that change or add to the audio componenets of the game - including sound FX and music!
Books 3 Mods that add specific books.
Camera 5 Mods that focus on altering the camera.
Caves and Dungeons 32 Mods that add, enhance, or replace various caves and dungeons.
Chargen 4 Mods that alter or affect the character generation portion of the game intro.
Cities/Towns 41 Mods that change or update entire cities (or large parts of them).
Clothing 10 Mods that improve the game's clothing.
Collections 2 Collections are just that -- a collection of plugins and/or asset replacers which change large portions of the game in one package.
Combat 1 Mods that affect or change the combat mechanics, this can sometimes include things more focused on magic.
Companions 3 Mods that add companions, or followers, and other elements of that nature.
Consistency 8 Mods that fix inconsistencies in the Morrowind game world.
Creatures 35 Mods that improve or replace creatures.
Cut Content 2 Content that was promised by Todd, but never delivered, reimagined.
Decor 1 Add various items to your cells with these mods.
Fixes 46 Mods that fix things, not just make then nicer.
Flora 17 Mods that alter plantlife and trees.
Fonts 2 Replacements for the default game font.
Gameplay 119 Mods that affect gameplay. Some or all of these might be considered optional but they are all highly recommended.
Groundcover 9 These mods add "grass" and other foliage to the ground meshes.
Guilds/Factions 18 Mods that add guilds or factions.
Interiors 12 Mods that alter or add to interior cells.
Landmasses 6 Landmass additions.
Landscape 42 Mods that alter the landscape in general including rocks.
Leveling 8 These mods affect the game's leveling systems, including but not limited to how stats are gained/increase (or decrease).
Lighting 9 These mods affect lighting in various ways.
Magic & Spells 1 Adding or altering spells in various ways
Mod Managers 2 Mod Managers are tools that make installing and organizing mods easier than doing it by hand.
Modding Resources 5 These provide resources that can be used to build mods with, but are not exactly mods themselves.
NPCs 61 Change NPC appearance and bodies.
Objects/Clutter 65 Mods that change the various objects and things spread throughout the game world.
Original Games 1 All new games that use completely original assets with the OpenMW engine.
Patches 38 These mods change existing mods, usually for compatibility with another mod or OpenMW itself.
Performance 2 Asset changes intended to yield a performance boost, and things of that nature.
Player Homes 14 Optional but good to have - places to call home!
Post Processing Shaders 4 Post processing shaders add a variety of nice visual effects.
Quests 60 Mods that add more quests.
Randomizers 8 Mods that randomize some aspect of the game.
Replacers 23 Replacers - usually for meshes but this can also include textures and other assets.
Settings Tweaks 10 Not actually mods, but changes to settings that are built into the OpenMW engine. Enhance performance and visual quality, as well as enable or disable many gameplay options (including things provided by MCP for vanilla Morrowind).
Shaders 4 Custom shaders that replace the defaults, and more.
Skies 5 Make the skies more beautiful.
TES3MP 62 Things to do with TES3MP - be it MP-specific mods/scripts or what have you.
Texture Packs 19 These don't just replace a few texures, they aim to replace all or large portions of the textures in the game.
Tools 15 Tools for doing things and/or making life easier. Not necessarily mods.
Total Conversions 19 All new games made with the Morrowind data files.
Travel 1 Mods that affect modes of transport.
Trees 9 Tree replacers.
User Interface 29 Mods that change the UI.
VFX 5 Mods that add or enhance visual effects.
Videos 4 Mods that change or update the few videos/cutscenes that Morrowind sports.
Wabbajack Lists 2 Wabbajack-powered auto-installable mod lists!
Water 4 Things that modify water - be it standing pools, waterfalls, or anything else.
Weapons 22 Mods that improve the weapon meshes and textures.
Weather 2 Mods that alter the look and behavior of weather.
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