Tag Name Mod Count Description
Has a BSA 5 Mods that provide and require registering a .bsa file.
Normal Maps 38 Mods that use bump or normal maps.
Specular Maps 5 Mods that use specular maps.
Expanded Vanilla 109

Mods tagged as "Expanded Vanilla" change many aspects of the game but don't include texture or too many visual changes, or mess too much with the original look and feel of the game.

Using only mods from this list will result in a greatly expanded experience that still has a vanilla look and feel.

High Res 147 High resolution meshes and/or textures.
Non-HD 4 Meshes or textures that are changed but not made HD.
Game Expanding 64 Expands the game world.
Manual Edit Needed 29 Needs some kind of manual edit to work properly.
Vanilla Friendly 38 Doesn't alter the original feel too much.
TES3MP Friendly 16 Includes client side plugins that are known to work with TES3MP.
TES3MP Lua 14 These are server-side lua scripts for use with TES3MP.
Atlased Textures 4 These mods use atlased textures, or can be atlased themselves.
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