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Tag Name Mod Count Description
Atlased Textures 5 These mods use atlased textures, or can be atlased themselves.
Building 2 Mods that add building elements to the game.
Game Expanding 77 Expands the game world.
Grass 8 Mods that add (or optionally add) grass and other groundcover.
Has a BSA 3 Mods that provide and require registering a .bsa file.
High Res 177 High resolution meshes and/or textures.
Interesting Additions 1 Ambitious, interesting mods that may not fit well with more focused mod lists, but you may want to check out anyways.
Manual Edit Needed 39 Needs some kind of manual edit to work properly.
Non-HD 4 Meshes or textures that are changed but not made HD.
Normal Maps 45 Mods that use bump or normal maps.
Specular Maps 5 Mods that use specular maps.
TES3MP: Co-Op 6 Scripts that are a good fit for an enhanced co-op experience.
TES3MP: Dev 7 Useful frameworks/libraries for building your own scripts.
TES3MP: Difficulty 2 Scripts that enhance the difficulty of the game.
TES3MP: Gameplay 4 Scripts that alter or enhance various gameplay mechanics.
TES3MP Graphics 31 Use these for a TES3MP graphical overhaul.
TES3MP: Leveling 4 Scripts that alter or enhance the game's leveling systems.
TES3MP Lua 61 These are server-side lua scripts for use with TES3MP.
TES3MP: Public Servers 29 Scripts that are in use and featured by prominent public servers.
TES3MP Spawning 2 Scripts for managing player spawns and/or chargen.
TES3MP: Utility 2 Scripts that aid in server management.
TES3MP: v0.6 6 Scripts for TES3MP version 0.6.
TES3MP: v0.7 56 Scripts for TES3MP version 0.7.
Vanilla Friendly 43 Doesn't alter the original feel too much.
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