Skullcrusher Redone

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A remake of the artifact Skullcrusher - smaller, metallic, but still reminisce of the original design.

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Download the Skullcrusher Redone - Modern Sized and Skullcrusher Redone - Diffuse Specular Normal Maps files.

Create two folders in the base mod folder path: modern and diff-spec-normal, create another folder called textures inside the diff-spec-normal folder.

Extract the main file's contents into modern and the Diffuse Specular Normal Maps contents into diff-spec-normal/textures.

In the diff-spec-normal/textures folder: these files need to be renamed thusly:

  • to
  • to
  • to

Alternatively, you can use the Skullcrusher Redone - Modern Sized - Colour Mimic option if you prefer that version's coloring to the Skullcrusher Redone - Modern Sized version. Refer to the screenshots on the Nexus page to compare.

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