Enable In CFG Generator Button "HOW TO" Page

The "Enable In CFG Generator" button can be seen on mod detail pages. Click this button to tell the CFG Generator to include the mod in its output.

While progressing through a mod list, you should click this button for each mod you've installed. You may then follow these steps to see a customized, partial config based on your progress:

  1. Navigate to the CFG Generator
  2. Click the preset button for the list you're using
  3. On the next page, click the link labeled "Custom CFG Section"
  4. This will take you to a list of mods in the list, Ones you've clicked this button for will be checked
  5. From here you may check or uncheck mods that you've setup, removed, or skipped
  6. Below the list of mods is a button labeled "Submit Custom Setup", click that to receieve your customized configs

The resulting page will be a modified loadout of the mod list preset you selected listing only the ones you've added via the button or check box. This pattern will allow gradual testing with accurate configs.

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