Curated Mod Lists

Various mod lists are provided below, click on one for more information about it and to browse as well. Want to host your own list here? Please see the short guide on how to add your list if you're interested.

Wabbajack Lists

Mod lists using the Wabbajack tool.

List Name
OpenMW Enhanced overhauls everything, graphics have been revamped and replaced along with tons of extra content, ranging from Tamriel Rebuilt and Skyrim: Home of the Nords. Discord
Path of the Incarnate is an original Wabbajack modlist for OpenMW, aiming to offer a fresh, stable, and immersive Morrowind experience.

MOMW Lists

Our mod lists, created and maintained by the website team.

List Name
Mod Count
This list aims to replace virtually every mesh and texture in the game, as well as add a significant amount of content and gameplay tweaks. It will be like a remastered version of the game!
This is the graphics-only version of the Total Overhaul list. All the graphical replacers, none of the gameplay modifications.
The Expanded Vanilla list tries to preserve the look and feel of the vanilla game while adding a decent amount of new content.
Modernize Morrowind with a reasonably short but effective list that not only ups the visual ante but also adds a fair amount of gameplay content.
This list is for those that want to play the vanilla game, but with a few quality of life improvements.
This is an extension of the "I Heart Vanilla" list that includes Tamriel Rebuilt and related mods to greatly expand the available landmasses, with other goodies.
A list of Lua scripts that could make up a nice server with a good amount of extra features and functionality.
A mod list centered around the Total Conversion Starwind, adding various features and extra content.
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