HiRez Armors - Native Styles V2 Fixed and Optimized and OpenMW Compatible

Saint_Jiub - fixed and optimized by Pherim, repackaged by CY4NN
Fixed and optimized version of Saint_Jiubs HiRez Armors - Native Styles V2 that was only available in the old Bethesda forums. Now repackaged by CY4NN so that you don't need to rename or manually edit any files.
OpenMW Compatibility:

Usage Info

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Data path:
C:\games\OpenMWMods\Armor\HiRezArmorsNativeStylesV2FixedandOptimizedandOpenMWCompatible\HiRez Armors - Native Styles V2 Fixed and Optimized and OpenMW Compatible-49595-1-0-1619613084\HiRezArmorsNativeStylesV2FixedandOptimized
Extra Configs:
These values need to be added to settings.cfg (be sure to consult the CFG Generator for a complete readout of all required settings):
apply lighting to environment maps = true
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