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How do you use this website? How do you get the most out of all the information presented here? This page should answer those questions and more!

Table of contents

Setup Steps

The first things required to get going are: buy a copy of Morrowind and install OpenMW.

Note that Android is not officially supported by the OpenMW project or this website, and that version handles content management differently than every other version so a lot of what's talked about on this website may not apply.

Once you've got OpenMW installed and able to run stock Morrowind, it's time to take a look at the various settings that are available via the Launcher and cfg files.

Lastly: before you really dive into modding it's recommended to familiarize yourself with using OpenMW-Launcher to install and manage mods.

Tips Review

A few pages that you'll want to reference while on your modding journey:

Choose A Mod List

Browse the catalogue of mod lists and pick one that sounds good to you. Although many mods depend on something else to function properly, the majority of mods in most lists can be skipped or swapped for an alternate if desired.

Final Steps & Verification

Each mod list has a "Final Checklist" page that offers some final tips for rounding out your setup (Expanded Vanilla's final page, as an example).

Additionally, please refer to the CFG Generator for a reference of what your data path and plugin load order should be. There's presets for each mod list.

Upcoming Changes

Wondering if there's going to be an update soon? Want to know what's being worked on with this website? All changes to the website go out to the beta site first, but you can also refer to the GitLab activity log to see what's been going on with the project.

Report A Problem Or Ask A Question

If you have a specific problem or question you can feel free to reach out to the project via one of many ways:

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