RR Mod Series - Telvanni Lighthouse Tel Branora

Author: Morrowind Community and Resdayn Revival Team
Category: Architecture
OpenMW Compatibility: Fully Working
Plugin Needs Cleaning: No
Tags: Has a BSA, Expanded Vanilla
Description: This mod adds a Telvanni style Lighthouse to Tel Branora. Gives a really great view of TR lands.
Usage Notes: This mod includes a .bsa file which needs to be registered. Please see the register BSAs tips page for more information.
Requires BSA: RR_Telvanni_Lighthouse_Tel Branora.bsa
Requires Plugin:
RR_Telvanni_Lighthouse_Tel Branora_Eng.ESP
Active: Yes

Suggested folder paths:

Linux: /home/username/games/MorrowindMods/RRModSeriesTelvanniLighthouseTelBranora
macOS: /Users/username/games/MorrowindMods/RRModSeriesTelvanniLighthouseTelBranora
Windows: C:\games\MorrowindMods\RRModSeriesTelvanniLighthouseTelBranora
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