OAAB - The Ashen Divide

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OAAB - The Ashen Divide is a mini OAAB release and a remake/adaptation of the original The Ashen Divide mod. It transforms the Ashlands region between Seyda Neen and Balmora into a unique region that merges the biomes of the Bitter Coast and the Ashlands utilizing unique assets. It also overhauls the bandit lair of Zainsipilu.

Requires OAAB_Data. The included plugin needs to be cleaned:

$ tes3cmd clean "OAAB - The Ashen Divide.ESP"

CLEANING: "OAAB - The Ashen Divide.ESP" ...
Loading Master: morrowind.esm
Loading Master: tribunal.esm
Loading Master: bloodmoon.esm
Loading Master: oaab_data.esm
 Cleaned junk-CELL: ascadian isles region (-4, -5)
 Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-6, -6)
 Cleaned redundant WHGT from CELL: zainsipilu
Output saved in: "Clean_OAAB - The Ashen Divide.ESP"
Original unaltered: "OAAB - The Ashen Divide.ESP"

Cleaning Stats for "OAAB - The Ashen Divide.ESP":
                       junk-CELL:     2
             redundant CELL.WHGT:     1
Requires BSA:
Has Plugin:
OAAB - The Ashen Divide.ESP

Suggested folder path:

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