Mournhold Overhaul v21

Author: TRJTA
Category: Cities/Towns
Tags: High Res, Game Expanding
Description: Adds buildings and trees, improves tree models and gardens, and much much more.
Usage Notes:

Do activate the Mournhold Overhaul v2.0 - WG + NPC's.esp file in your load order.

If you choose to use Windows Glow, replace the Windows Glow - Tribunal Eng.esp you already have with the one provided by this (or you will have two plugins of the same name in your launcher.)

OpenMW Compatibility: Fully Working
Requires BSA: No
Requires Plugin: Mournhold Overhaul v2.0 - WG + NPC's.esp
Active: Yes

Suggested folder paths:

Linux: /home/username/games/MorrowindMods/MournholdOverhaulv21
macOS: /Users/username/games/MorrowindMods/MournholdOverhaulv21
Windows: C:\games\MorrowindMods\MournholdOverhaulv21
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