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Benjamin Winger
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Transcoder for managing a form of markup-based minimal Elder Scrolls Plugin files and OMWAddon files

This is a command-line program that will merge objects from your mods' plugins. It is strongly recommended that you do not skip this, many mods need merging to happen in order to function as intended.

Download the zip of the latest release, extract the included binary to the suggested folder path shown at the bottom of the page. To run it:

  • First, consult the CFG Generator to ensure your plugin load order is correct.
  • Experts-only optional step:If you're also using OMWLLF, temporarily disable the plugin generated by that (you can re-enable it after you run Delta Plugin).
  • Open a (non-administrator) powershell or teminal window.
  • Run this (change paths as needed):
    # If using Linux/macOS:
    ~/games/OpenMWMods/Tools/DeltaPlugin/delta_plugin merge ~/games/OpenMWMods/Tools/DeltaPlugin/delta-merged.omwaddon
    # If using Windows:
    C:\games\OpenMWMods\Tools\DeltaPlugin\delta_plugin.exe merge C:\games\OpenMWMods\Tools\DeltaPlugin\delta-merged.omwaddon

It will read the load order defined in your openmw.cfg file and produce a merged plugin (delta-merged.omwaddon) in the location specified in the command. This delta-merged.omwaddon file should be loaded last.

Note that merging large load orders will require a lot of memory (and/or a large page/swap file), you can reduce memory usage by setting the RAYON_NUM_THREADS=1 environment variable.

Please see this page for more resources on the topic of object merging.

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