Uvirith's Legacy

Step #247 in the Total Overhaul list

Author: Stuporstar
Category: Guilds/Factions
Featured In Mod Lists: Expanded Vanilla (#119), Total Overhaul (#247)
OpenMW Compatibility: Partially Working
Plugins Need Cleaning: No
Tags: Game Expanding

This mod turns Tel Uvirith into a fitting home for a mage lord and a stunning symbol of the Archmagister's power. This third generation Tel Uvirith mod, based on Uvirith Inside, does what Uvirith Awakened was trying to do before the project fell into limbo.

For more information, along with FAQ, troubleshooting, and full walkthrough, visit the Uvirith's Legacy website: http://stuporstar.sarahdimento.com/.

Usage Notes:

There's compatibility plugins for Rise of House Telvanni and Tamriel Rebuilt included, be sure to enable them if using either mod.

Requires BSA: No
Has Plugins:
Uvirith's Legacy_3.53.esp
Active: Yes

Suggested folder paths:

Linux: /home/username/games/OpenMWMods/GuildsFactions/UvirithsLegacy
macOS: /Users/username/games/OpenMWMods/GuildsFactions/UvirithsLegacy
Windows: C:\games\OpenMWMods\GuildsFactions\UvirithsLegacy
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