Alvazir's Various Patches

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Collection of compatibility patches fixes, mod expansions and tiny mods.
OpenMW Compatibility:

Usage Info

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Data paths:
C:\games\OpenMWMods\Patches\AlvazirsVariousPatches\01 PFP - Compat
C:\games\OpenMWMods\Patches\AlvazirsVariousPatches\02 Refreshed - OpenMW
Usage Notes:

Download the files depending on your mod loadout. The modlists use the Djangos Dialogue - Patch for Purists, the FM Unique Items - Patch for Purists, the Persistent Corpse Disposal - Patch, the Quill of Feyfolken 2.0 - OpenMW - Compatibility Patch, and the Vivec Voice Addon - Refreshed files.

Content Plugins:
Quill of Feyfolken 2.0-OpenMW-Patch.omwaddon
FM - Unique Items v1.0 - PfP.ESP
Vivec_Voice_addon TRIBUNAL - Refreshed - OpenMW.esp
Djangos Dialogue - Patch for Purists.esp
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