NCGDMW Lua Edition

Greywander, EvilEye, johnnyhostile
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A "Natural Grow" leveling mod, where your attributes grow automatically as your skills increase and your skills will also decay over time (Optional).

This is a port of Greywander's "Natural Character Growth and Decay - MW" mod for the OpenMW-Lua API.

  • Your attributes grow automatically as your skills increase.
  • Your skills will also decay over time. (Optional)
  • All options are configurable at any time via the mod settings menu, accessible in-game.
  • Unlike the original MWScript version, your attributes and skills do not grow past 100! This will be implemented in the future.
  • See the included docs directory for more information.
  • Open source!
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If you are playing with Starwind enable Use Starwind Skill Names in the script settings menu. This will place a potion in your inventory that you can drink to activate NCGDMW Drink this potion after you've selected your race, class, and sign.

If you are playing with some other non-Morrowind game, use the ncgdmw_alt_start.omwaddon plugin instead of ncgdmw.omwaddon

See this mod in action in the Expanded Vanilla: Intro video.

Requires OpenMW 0.48.0 or newer! Use the classic MWScript version with OpenMW 0.47 and below.

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