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OAAB_Data Team
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These mods add some of the new items in OAAB_Data to appropriate creatures and leveled lists and adds OAAB creatures to vanilla leveled creature lists so that you will find them in the world as you explore. See the readmes for a full list of additions.
OpenMW Compatibility:

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Data path:
Usage Notes:

Download the OAAB Creature Loot, OAAB Leveled Creatures, and OAAB Leveled Lists files. TES3Merge is not required (it doesn't work for OpenMW anyways), Delta Plugin does that for us instead (mod list users: this will be the last step of your list).

Content Plugins:
OAAB Leveled Lists.ESP
OAAB Creature Loot.ESP
OAAB Leveled Creatures.ESP
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