Hello, world!

2018-04-13 | by M'aiq The Admin under Announcements
Tag: HelloWorld

Greetings and welcome to the first blog entry on Modding-OpenMW.com. This is your friendly neighborhood site admin saying hello, and be sure to drop a note using our contact form!

While the site is still in development or "beta" you won't see a lot of entries on this blog, but eventually this is where you'd find news about new mods, updates, and anything else worth announcing. The latest update to the site added many things: this blog, an array of new recommended mods, the start of a "tips" page, and updated navigation links on several pages (for starters.)

So what's next for this site? Expect the recommended mod list to be expanded and updated to reflect my latest playtesting, as well as patches for shiny meshes that are available only here! Also expect more guides on things like: renaming normal maps and other files so they work properly, how to pick and choose textures, and many more tips and tricks I've picked up and want to share.

As for the more distant future, who knows what's in store. Someday I'd love to even host mods and provide uploads for modders, if there's an interest. If you have an idea or request I'd love to hear it!

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