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Date Updated Name Author Category
2022-03-26 NCGDMW Lua Edition Greywander, EvilEye, johnnyhostile Leveling
2022-03-04 Action Camera Swap Hristos N. Triantafillou Camera
2022-02-21 Distant Seafloor for OpenMW Hemaris Water
2022-02-20 alvazir's Bloodmoon Rebalance - Patch for Purists patch alvazir Patches
2022-02-18 Golden Saint Variety Leyawynn Creatures
2022-02-08 Project Atlas: Glow in the Dahrk Patch Project Atlas Team Performance
2022-02-07 Project Atlas Project Atlas Team Performance
2022-01-30 TriangleTooth's Ecology Mod TriangleTooth Creatures
2022-01-25 Concept Art Palace (Vivec City) NobuRed and NMTeam Architecture
2022-01-23 Pickpocket Fix TheOne&Only Gameplay
2022-01-23 Cantons on the Global Map Hemaris User Interface
2022-01-23 Morrowind Go To Jail LegoManIAm94 Gameplay
2022-01-23 Morrowind Go To Jail Mournhold and Solstheim LegoManIAm94 Gameplay
2022-01-17 Morrowind Optimization Patch MOP Team Performance
2022-01-17 Glow in the Dahrk Melchior Dahrk Architecture
2021-11-15 NPC Schedule Grumpy Gameplay
2021-11-11 Nerevars House Mod UnderSunAndSky Player Homes
2021-11-10 tes3cmd John Moonsugar Tools
2021-11-09 Morrowind Optimization Patch - Weapon Sheathing Patch MOP Team Performance
2021-11-09 Remiros' Groundcover Remiros, Vtastek, Hrnchamd Groundcover
2021-11-08 Uvirith's Legacy 3.5 TR add-on 2101 rotat, eddie5 Guilds/Factions
2021-10-29 Persistent Corpse Disposal - alvazir's Patch dmbaturin, alvazir Patches
2021-10-23 Divine Dagoths SpaceDevo Creatures
2021-10-21 Caldera Nwahs and Mushrooms Team Cities/Towns
2021-10-21 Ald'ruhn-under-Skar Nwahs and Mushrooms Team Cities/Towns
2021-10-21 Vivec Remade Lamb Shark NPCs
2021-10-21 Crystal Soul Gems SVNR and SpaceDevo Objects/Clutter
2021-10-21 OAAB Saplings Melchior Dahrk Flora/Landscape
2021-10-03 Lava - Mold - Mud Caverns Revamp SVNR Flora/Landscape
2021-09-26 Better Clothes Complete Shoe Fix eddie5 Fixes
2021-09-23 Vanilla-friendly West Gash Tree Replacer Melchior Dahrk Flora/Landscape
2021-09-23 Yet Another Better Sounds Patch alvazir Patches
2021-09-19 Mamaea Awakened Melchior Dahrk Flora/Landscape
2021-09-16 RR Mod Series - Morrowind Statues Replacer Morrowind Community and Resdayn Revival Team Architecture
2021-09-15 Meet thy Ancestor for Level Up ezze Leveling
2021-09-13 Ports Of Vvardenfell - TR - TOTSP - Ald'ruhn - Vivec City Patch alvazir, various Patches
2021-09-13 OAAB - The Ashen Divide Remiros Flora/Landscape
2021-09-12 Ports Of Vvardenfell - Seyda Neen Gateway Compatibility Plugin Hristos N. Triantafillou Patches
2021-09-12 Ebonheart Underworks MOMW Patch Hristos N. Triantafillou Patches
2021-09-12 OAAB Dwemer Pavements Melchior Dahrk Architecture
2021-09-12 Caldera Mine Expanded Fixed Plugin Lucas a.k.a. Sigourn Fixes
2021-09-12 MOMW Aesthesia Groundcover Reworked Patches eddie5, Hristos N. Triantafillou Patches
2021-09-12 Solstheim Tomb of the Snow Prince TOTSP Team Landmasses
2021-09-12 Vurt's Groundcover for OpenMW x79 and Vurt Groundcover
2021-09-11 MW Mesh Generator Yacoby Tools
2021-09-11 Ald'ruhn Nwahs and Mushrooms Team Cities/Towns
2021-09-11 OAAB Grazelands Melchior Dahrk Flora/Landscape
2021-09-11 Pete's Scroll 2018 2020 Petethegoat Replacers
2021-09-08 Trackless Grazeland R-Zero Flora/Landscape
2021-09-07 Vivec Voice Addon Tribunal Version tomsnellen NPCs
2021-09-07 Vivec Voice Addon - Refreshed alvazir Patches
2021-09-06 Foyada Mamaea Overhaul Remiros Flora/Landscape
2021-09-06 Andrano Ancestral Tomb Remastered Greatness7 MattTheBagel VvardenfellTribes Quests
2021-09-06 Sanctus Shrine Nwahs and Mushrooms Team Replacers
2021-09-06 Census and Excise Office Faction AliceL93 Guilds/Factions
2021-09-06 Welcome to the Arena Patched for OpenMW JaceX Patches
2021-09-06 Shield Spells Reforged pt.1. Kurpulio - Merzasphor Replacers
2021-09-06 Pherim's Fire Fern - Plant and Ingredient Pherim Flora/Landscape
2021-09-06 Familiar Faces by Caleb Caleb NPCs
2021-09-06 Salts Nwahs and Mushrooms Team Objects/Clutter
2021-09-04 Hla Oad Nwahs and Mushrooms Team Cities/Towns
2021-09-04 At Home Alchemy - Finished Syclonix, alvazir Gameplay
2021-09-04 BookPickup aelfkin TES3MP
2021-09-02 Improved Better Skulls Pherim Objects/Clutter
2021-09-01 Morrowind Definitive Menu Animation Duo Dinamico Videos
2021-09-01 Subtle Animated Menu Background Assemble Vegetto Videos
2021-09-01 Ports Of Vvardenfell - TR - TOTSP Patch alvazir Patches
2021-09-01 MBSP - Better Sounds - ncgdMW - Class-Spec - Fixed again Replacement Patch HotFusion4 - edits by Greywander, Joao … Gameplay
2021-08-29 FMI - Service Refusal and Contraband PoodleSandwich Consistency
2021-08-29 FMI - NotAllDunmer PoodleSandwich Consistency
2021-08-29 FMI - Caius Big Package Team Big Package Consistency
2021-08-29 FMI - Nice to Meet You PoodleSandwich Consistency
2021-08-29 FMI - Misc PoodleSandwich Consistency
2021-08-29 FMI - Hospitality Papers Expanded quorn and PoodleSandwich - Jeff Baker … Consistency
2021-08-29 Big Icons JaceyS User Interface
2021-08-29 Official Xbox Splash Screens Bethesda User Interface
2021-08-29 Magical lights for Telvanni RandomPal Architecture
2021-08-29 Nords shut your windows Vegetto Architecture
2021-08-29 Meteors Shanjaq Skies
2021-08-29 Diverse Blood SpaceDevo Replacers
2021-08-29 No Shield Sparkle jiopi Replacers
2021-08-29 Remiros' Minor Retextures - Mist Retexture Remiros Replacers
2021-08-29 Mistify Melchior Dahrk Flora/Landscape
2021-08-29 Mannequins for Sale ManaUser Decor
2021-08-29 More Exclusive Factions Lucevar and AliceL93 Guilds/Factions
2021-08-29 Religions Elaborated Caeris Guilds/Factions
2021-08-29 Imperial Factions Danae Guilds/Factions
2021-08-29 Imperial Legion Expansion AliceL93 Guilds/Factions
2021-08-29 The Vanilla Quest Tweaks RP Choices Consequences Super Mega Package - Ultimate Edition AliceL93 Quests
2021-08-28 Main Quest Overhaul AliceL93 Quests
2021-08-28 Frozen in Time Billyfighter Quests
2021-08-28 Bitter and Blighted MrWillis Quests
2021-08-28 Bounty Hunter Assignments AliceL93 Quests
2021-08-28 Ebonheart Underworks Dandy Daedra Quests
2021-08-28 To save a falling wizard (alternate) Fixed For OpenMW and Delta Plugin ezze and Lady Phoenix Fire Rose Quests
2021-08-28 Killing Spree Helluva ways to kill Sandman Danae Cognatogen Denina Weapons
2021-08-28 Eltonbrand Replacer Trancemaster_1988 Weapons
2021-08-28 Rubber's Weapons Pack RubberMan Weapons
2021-08-28 Uncharted Artifacts Xero Foxx Quests
2021-08-28 Wandering Umbra mort Quests
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