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Date Updated Name Author Category
2024-06-19 trav's OpenMW Books Enhanced trav Books
2024-06-04 Various tweaks and fixes Borok Fixes
2024-06-01 Caverns Revamp SVNR Caves and Dungeons
2024-05-30 Grass for Tamriel Rebuilt v23.1 Shaord Groundcover
2024-05-26 Friendly Autosave johnnyhostile Gameplay
2024-05-26 The Popular Plague AFFA, Greatness7, MelchiorDahrk, and Seelof Quests
2024-05-24 Audiobooks of Tamriel Rebuilt frogstat Books
2024-05-23 Birthsigns RESPECted - A Birthsign Rebalance Mod DisQualia Gameplay
2024-05-20 Daedric Shrine Overhaul FULL GlitterGear Caves and Dungeons
2024-05-20 Vvardenfell Animated Main Menu jple Videos
2024-05-05 Starwind Dark Mouse Station Billyfighter Total Conversions
2024-05-05 (OpenMW 0.49) Floating Healthbars OwnlyMe User Interface
2024-05-05 Quickselect ZackHasACat User Interface
2024-05-04 Pause Control johnnyhostile, ptmikheev User Interface
2024-05-03 Red Wisdom - An Ashlander Prophecy AFFA, Greatness7, and MelchiorDahrk Quests
2024-04-20 Correct Meshes ZWolol Fixes
2024-04-18 Audiobooks of Morrowind frogstat Books
2024-04-13 Distant Fixes: Uvirith's Manor johnnyhostile Fixes
2024-04-13 Distant Fixes: Uvirith's Legacy johnnyhostile Fixes
2024-04-13 Distant Fixes: Rise of House Telvanni johnnyhostile Fixes
2024-04-10 Blue Ghastly Glowyfence rabcor Replacers
2024-04-10 Remiros Groundcover Textures Improvement borok Groundcover
2024-04-10 Facelift for Tamriel Data kartoffel NPCs
2024-04-10 Pimp my Lava siliciusk Landscape
2024-04-10 Almalexia Redone LambShark NPCs
2024-04-03 navigation autosave Xaade Gameplay
2024-04-03 Better Merchants Skills for OpenMW mym Gameplay
2024-03-30 Delta Plugin and Groundcoverify Benjamin Winger Tools
2024-03-30 Roaring Arena - Betting and Bloodletting GrumblingVomit and Von Djangos Quests
2024-03-27 MOMW Patches MOMW Team + OpenMW Modding Community Patches
2024-03-27 Sophie's Skooma Sweetshoppe Sophie Texture Packs
2024-03-13 HD Forge for OpenMW-Lua Pherim, johnnyhostile, and Ronik Objects/Clutter
2024-03-13 OpenMW vanilla candles patched with Enlightened Flames and ILFAS taitechnic Lighting
2024-03-09 Starwind Community Patch Project The Starwind Community Total Conversions
2024-03-05 Interesting Outfits - Solstheim TipsyTekPriest NPCs
2024-02-26 NCGDMW Lua Edition Greywander, EvilEye, johnnyhostile, Mehdi Yousfi-Monod Leveling
2024-02-24 Mines and Caverns jsp25 Caves and Dungeons
2024-02-19 Lore Friendly Total Overhaul Main Menu Replacer S3ctor Videos
2024-02-16 Enchanted Icon Selection niged0 User Interface
2024-02-16 Enchanting icons as you wish AnrohaNexus User Interface
2024-02-16 Less ugly enchantment menu icon CaptainArbiter User Interface
2024-02-16 Ultimate Icon Replacer Alaisiagae User Interface
2024-02-16 Left Gloves Addon Alaisiagae User Interface
2024-02-16 Small Skyrim Crosshair (OpenMW compatible) cibrhusk User Interface
2024-02-16 Starburst Crosshairs MrExcitement User Interface
2024-02-16 Morrowind Molten Menu - Main Menu Replacer Demanufacturer87 User Interface
2024-02-16 OpenMW Skyrim Style Quest Notifications taitechnic User Interface
2024-02-16 SME - Useful Widgets - Actor Info - Health Bar - Hit Chance craftymonkey User Interface
2024-02-12 Immersive Grotto Entrances Hurdrax Custos Landscape
2024-02-10 Wares Ultimate Danae Aurel Gameplay
2024-02-07 Sword and ring of nerevar LuCaNiNe Weapons
2024-01-26 Master Index Redux EndoranWest Quests
2024-01-24 MCAR SVNR Animation
2024-01-12 SSTh Low Graphics Water Retex SnakeSkullTh Water
2024-01-11 Morrowind World Randomizer for OpenMW Diject Randomizers
2024-01-11 Hit Chance UI Safebox User Interface
2024-01-08 Go Home! johnnyhostile Gameplay
2024-01-08 Dynamic Telvanni Armor Replacer Ronik Armor
2024-01-06 Beautiful Cities of Morrowind RandomPal and the Morrowind Modding Community Cities/Towns
2024-01-06 Blademeister superduple Companions
2024-01-03 Maar Gan - Town of Pilgrimage RandomPal Cities/Towns
2024-01-03 Bound Balance johnnyhostile Gameplay
2024-01-03 New Ilunibi seelof Caves and Dungeons
2023-12-27 Vanilla friendly wearables expansion RandomPal NPCs
2023-12-26 Mage Robes for OpenMW-Lua MelchiorDahrk, johnnyhostile Objects/Clutter
2023-12-26 Alchemical Hustle Rosynant Gameplay
2023-12-24 Tamriel Data Cross-Project Coordination Modding Resources
2023-12-23 Perfect Placement Hrnchamd Gameplay
2023-12-23 Alternative TrueType Fonts Isaskar and Georgd Fonts
2023-12-19 The Siddah Ca Way - Official Starwind Expansion kvatchcount and Ignatious Total Conversions
2023-12-18 Unvoiced Races Voiced - Official Starwind Expansion kvatchcount Total Conversions
2023-12-18 Remiros' Mod Graveyard Remiros Replacers
2023-12-15 Serenno - Official Starwind Expansion Pack Ignatious and kvatchcount Total Conversions
2023-12-12 Vivec and Velothi - Arkitektora Vol.2 Normal Maps DaggerfallTeam Architecture
2023-12-12 Hlaalu - Arkitektora Vol.2 Normal Maps DaggerfallTeam Architecture
2023-12-11 Almalexia's Chamber Overhaul DuoDinamico aka RandomPal and Vegetto Interiors
2023-12-11 Convenient Thief Tools Pharis Gameplay
2023-12-07 Starwind Alternate Start Mod v1.5 Quickdraw Mcgraw Total Conversions
2023-12-07 Starwind-Thisspiasians Bing Total Conversions
2023-12-07 Starwind - Standardised Dates Mod Jawohlca Total Conversions
2023-12-07 Starwind Bantha Replacer Rickoff Total Conversions
2023-12-07 Death Troopers - Official Starwind Expansion Jawohlca Total Conversions
2023-12-04 Randomize Kagrenac's Tools SuperHobbit Randomizers
2023-12-02 SM Boiled Netch Leather Armor Set Replacer ShadowMimicry Armor
2023-12-02 SM Chitin Armour Replacer ShadowMimicry Armor
2023-11-29 Abandoned Flat Containers johnnyhostile Player Homes
2023-11-29 Most Wanted Nerevarine urm Gameplay
2023-11-29 Perfumed Vampires urm Gameplay
2023-11-29 CO.RE - Comprehensive Rebalance Sarge945 Gameplay
2023-11-29 Quicktrain Zackhasacat Gameplay
2023-11-29 Corporeal Carryable Containers Zackhasacat Gameplay
2023-11-29 No Sneaky Sleeping Zackhasacat Gameplay
2023-11-29 Tabletop Alchemy Zackhasacat Gameplay
2023-11-29 Smooth Master Index Zackhasacat Gameplay
2023-11-29 Dynamic Distant Buildings - OpenMW Lua Zackhasacat Fixes
2023-11-24 Harvest Lights johnnyhostile Lighting
2023-11-22 Firewatch Character Creation Zackhasacat Chargen
2023-11-19 Morrowind HD Upscaled Menu mio122 User Interface
2023-11-19 NoPopUp Chargen johnnyhostile Chargen
2023-11-18 The Ebonheart Lighthouse mwgek Landscape
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