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Date Updated Name Author Category
2021-01-10 Westly's Pluginless Head Replacer Complete Westly and many many more NPCs
2020-12-27 Pherim's Fire Fern - Plant and Ingredient Pherim Flora/Landscape
2020-12-27 NPC Schedule Grumpy Gameplay
2020-11-22 TriangleTooth's Ecology Mod TriangleTooth Creatures
2020-11-22 Wolverine Hall Interior Expansion Mordaxis Cities/Towns
2020-11-22 Starfire's npc Additions - Danae's Edits and Fixes Starfire, Neoptolemus, Abot, Danae, RandomPal NPCs
2020-11-22 Caverns Bump Mapped Lougian Flora/Landscape
2020-11-22 Vivec Palace Illuminated - REDUX Shehriazad Objects/Clutter
2020-11-22 HiRez Armors - Native Styles V2 Fixed and Optimized Saint_Jiub - fixed and optimized by … Armor
2020-11-22 Vivec Guild of Mages Expansion Mordaxis Guilds/Factions
2020-11-22 Glowing Flames PoodleSandwich Gameplay
2020-11-22 True Lights and Darkness - Necro Edit Cool Demon and B00ze and Necrolesian Gameplay
2020-11-22 Vurts Solstheim Tree Replacer II vurt Flora/Landscape
2020-11-15 Khajiit Head Pack ashiraniir NPCs
2020-11-15 Whiskers Patch for MMH Version - All NPCs and Base Replace ashiraniir NPCs
2020-11-15 Whiskers Patch for MMH Version - All NPCs and Base Replace Fixed Meshes ashiraniir Fixes
2020-11-15 Khajiit Head Pack Fixed Meshes ashiraniir Fixes
2020-11-15 Improved Kwama Eggs and Egg Sacs Pherim Objects/Clutter
2020-11-15 Uvirith's Legacy Stuporstar Guilds/Factions
2020-11-15 Mines and Caverns jsp25 Flora/Landscape
2020-11-15 The Forgotten Shields - Artifacts Painkiller_Rider Replacers
2020-11-15 Welcome to the Arena Kalamestari_69 Quests
2020-11-14 Normal Maps for Morrowind DassiD Texture Packs
2020-11-14 HoTV - Solstheim Tomb of the Snow Prince Heart of the Velothi Team Landmasses
2020-11-14 Dagoth Ur Voice addon v10 Voice Addon Project Team NPCs
2020-11-14 Westly's Head and Hair Replacer - Hair Fix Kartoffels Fixes
2020-11-14 Better Clothes Complete Better Clothes team and other authors … Clothing
2020-11-14 Glow in the Dahrk Melchior Dahrk Architecture
2020-10-30 Multiple Teleport Marking (OpenMW and Tamriel Rebuilt) Marcel Hesselbarth - rot-edit Gameplay
2020-10-30 Quill of Feyfolken - Scroll Enchanting Dormouse, patched by alvazir Gameplay
2020-10-30 Pluginless NoGlow Plangkye Fixes
2020-10-30 Auto Ammo Equip for OpenMW Equinox Weapons
2020-09-24 Welcome to the Arena v6.7 patched for OpenMW eddie5 Patches
2020-09-24 Pluginless Robert's bodies 0.3 borok, Robert Bahamut Westly and … NPCs
2020-09-24 Stronghold Retexture Flash3113 Architecture
2020-09-24 Facelift Imperial Vampire Fix Lucas9 Fixes
2020-08-21 High-res Skaal Retex LazyGhost Architecture
2020-08-01 Welcome to the Arena - OpenMW Patch hamod9041 Patches
2020-07-24 Nerevars House Mod UnderSunAndSky Player Homes
2020-07-21 Persuasive Speech (OpenMW) Seth Companions
2020-07-19 New Fists of Randagulf Kalamestari_69 Armor
2020-07-19 Yet Another Guard Diversity Half11 NPCs
2020-07-19 Facelift Kartoffels NPCs
2020-07-14 RR Mod Series - Better Meshes Resdayn Revival Team Replacers
2020-07-09 RR Mod Series - Ghostgate Fortress Resdayn Revival Team Architecture
2020-07-04 Redoran Bump mapped Lougian Architecture
2020-07-04 Hlaalu Normal Mapped for OpenMW Lysol Architecture
2020-07-04 Vivec Normal Mapped for OpenMW Lysol Architecture
2020-07-04 Imperial Forts Normal Mapped for OpenMW Lysol Architecture
2020-07-04 Imperial Towns Normal Mapped for OpenMW by Lysol Lysol Architecture
2020-07-04 Active Wait Zefirotte Gameplay
2020-06-27 Morrowind Optimization Patch Flash3113 Performance
2020-06-27 Morrowind Optimization Patch - Weapon Sheathing Patch Flash3113 Performance
2020-06-27 Shacks Docks and Ships - Arkitektora of Vvardenfell Tyddy Architecture
2020-06-26 Skies .IV starwarsgal9875 Skies
2020-06-25 Distant Mournhold EnvyDeveloper Cities/Towns
2020-06-25 Patch for Purists Half11 Patches
2020-06-24 ZEF Focus Magicka Zefirotte Gameplay
2020-06-24 Waterfalls Tweaks multiple Water
2020-06-24 Better Waterfalls Melchior Dahrk Water
2020-06-23 Aesthesia - Stronghold textures Rytelier Architecture
2020-06-23 Morrowind UI Revamped jiffyadvent User Interface
2020-06-22 Epic Plants Articus - Qwertyquit - Pherim Flora/Landscape
2020-06-22 Dubdilla Location Fix Half11 Fixes
2020-06-21 Dunmer Lanterns Replacer Melchior Dahrk Objects/Clutter
2020-06-21 Skyrim: Home Of The Nords Project Tamriel Team Landmasses
2020-06-21 Tamriel Rebuilt The Tamriel Rebuilt Team Landmasses
2020-06-20 Robert's Bodies Color Tweaks for Vanilla Heads 1Mac, Moranar Galleo Corsair and … NPCs
2020-06-20 Faces Upscaled Textures Kartoffels NPCs
2020-06-12 jrpAnim rendeko (malic) TES3MP
2020-06-12 portableBedroll rendeko (malic) TES3MP
2020-06-12 trueDisableAssassins Learwolf TES3MP
2020-06-12 LoginState Hristos N. Triantafillou TES3MP
2020-06-12 LiveMap mupf, TeamFOSS TES3MP
2020-06-12 RealEstate mupf, TeamFOSS TES3MP
2020-06-12 StarterKit mupf, TeamFOSS TES3MP
2020-06-12 IrcBridge mupf, TeamFOSS TES3MP
2020-06-11 Multiple Mark And Recall for TES3MP Hristos N. Triantafillou TES3MP
2020-06-11 frequire() Hristos N. Triantafillou TES3MP
2020-06-11 TES3MP-MBSP vesicant TES3MP
2020-06-07 BookPickup aelfkin TES3MP
2020-06-07 menuManager Dagoth Gares TES3MP
2020-06-07 DiceRolls aelfkin TES3MP
2020-06-07 Creature Merchants Respawn Gold Learwolf TES3MP
2020-06-07 Mannequins Learwolf TES3MP
2020-06-07 Mail System Learwolf TES3MP
2020-06-07 Moderators Action Menu Learwolf TES3MP
2020-06-07 ccMail Texafornian TES3MP
2020-06-07 LevelingFramework urm TES3MP
2020-06-07 QuickKeyCleaner urm TES3MP
2020-06-07 YAM Hristos N. Triantafillou TES3MP
2020-06-07 RandomSpawn Hristos N. Triantafillou TES3MP
2020-06-01 On the move - the Ashlander Tent Deluxe remod vojteek Gameplay
2020-05-09 Better Sounds JEKA and TJ Audio
2020-05-09 Better Sounds 1.1 Patch 2 Darklocq Patches
2020-05-09 Telvanni Mesh Improvement Champion of Hircine Architecture
2020-05-08 Great Service Von Djangos NPCs
2020-05-08 Nighttime Door Locks LDones Gameplay
2020-05-06 Unique Tavern Signs for Tamriel Rebuilt Rats Replacers
2020-05-06 Expansions Integrated Necrolesian Gameplay
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