Races RESPECted - A Race Skill and Attribute Rebalance Mod

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DisQualia, Petethegoat, and Hrnchamd
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This mod tweaks racial attributes, skill bonuses, and abilities to make the races' unique identities as described in lore and through their vanilla bonuses clearer and better translate them into gameplay.

Usage Info

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Data path:
C:\games\OpenMWMods\Gameplay\RacesRESPECtedARaceSkillandAttributeRebalanceMod\Data Files
Usage Notes:

The MWSE folder contains scripts that are not yet compatible with OpenMW and is therefore optional.

Note: This mod affects the balance and gameplay in a way that might not provide the best experience for a first playthrough if you want a more vanilla Morrowind experience. Make sure to read the documentation to ensure these gameplay changes fit the experience you want.

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