Astrologian's Guild

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Join a fully playable guild and gain ranks to the top. The Astrologians are a small scale guild, with just a handful of guild members started by an Altmer named Nelangoth, who was previously part of the Mages Guild and still holds ties to them. Includes several new dungeons, items, quests and locations. Designed for maximum compatibility.

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Data paths:
Usage Notes:

Create a folder called main in the mod's data path root and extract the mod archive's contents into it. Download the OpenMW high quality icons file as well and extract it outside of that folder so that it's next to the main folder (see the folder path below as an example).

The plugin is dirty but will be auto-cleaned by Delta Plugin (click to expand/collapse):

$ tes3cmd clean 'Astrologians Guild.esp'

CLEANING: 'Astrologians Guild.esp'...
Loading Master: morrowind.esm
Loading Master: tribunal.esm
Loading Master: bloodmoon.esm
Loading Master: oaab_data.esm
 Cleaned duplicate object instance (door_dwrv_load00 FRMR: 369712) from CELL: arkngthand, heaven's gallery
Output saved in: 'Clean_Astrologians Guild.esp'
Original unaltered: 'Astrologians Guild.esp'

Cleaning Stats for 'Astrologians Guild.esp':
       duplicate object instance:     1
Content Plugin:
Astrologians Guild.esp
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