Dagoth Ur Voice addon v10

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Were you disappointed when you finally confronted Dagoth Ur and, well he just didn't quite feel evil enough? Then this plugin is what you need! This plugin adds a voice to Dagoth Ur more worthy of an evil god. Now you will be able to feel the evil power flow from every word that you hear Dagoth Ur say.

There are a few lines of audio that do not play, take these steps to fix them:

  • Open the included Sound/Vo folder.
  • Create a new folder called misc and another called ur.
  • Open the Sound/Vo/D-Ur folder and move the A noble ambition.mp3 file into the ur folder you just created above.
  • Also from the Sound/Vo/D-Ur folder, move the welcome moon and star 2.mp3 file into the misc folder you just created above and rename it to dagoth ur welcome b.mp3.
  • The problem should now be fixed, with the exception of one remaining line. Please see here (spoiler alert) for more information, and/or contact me if you know how to correct this.
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Dagoth Ur Voice Addon.esp

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