Final Checklist: Total Overhaul

Now that you've gone through the entire mod list you may be eager to jump in and play - but it's worthwhile to stop here and do a sanity check to ensure you'll have the best longterm play experience possible.

Try to go through each step as outlined below to make sure your setup is golden.

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Table Of Contents

Validate Your Configs

If you're using some kind of mod managing software such as Mod Organizer 2, be sure to check that for file overwrites and conflicts. This is a good way to make sure that textures you prefer end up loaded, instead of something else.

If you're doing things manually, or just don't mind using command-line programs and want more insight into your setup: I've created the openmw-validator tool which will report on various potential errors in your openmw.cfg file, as well as report on specific data paths.

Validation tools are a good way to make sure you've not made any typos or other mistakes, and that everything you intend to use is used properly.

Please also refer to the CFG Generator for a reference on what your load order should look like.

Click the "Presets" link, then the button labeled "TOTAL OVERHAUL". The page will reload, presenting you with the complete data path and plugin load order, as well as any extra settings that may be required.

Patches: Merged Plugin

You'll also want to create a merged plugin (to merge game objects) with Delta Plugin. Please see this page for more resources on the topic of object merging.

Do not skip this step; many mods require object merging in order to function as intended.


It can be tempting to skip cleaning since the process is quite tedious, however dirty plugins can affect the game in unexpected ways.

As a reminder: this mod list has 5 plugins that need cleaning:

Telvanni Cephalopod Armor.esp
Argonian Full Helms Lore Integrated.ESP
Dark Brotherhood.ESP

Please see this page for more information on cleaning plugins.

Run The Game

Last, but not least: run the game to see how it looks and all that.

OpenMW has a handy testing feature that's described here, be sure to use that to quickly spawn into various areas as desired. Maybe there's a texture you still want to replace, or a problem you found (please let us know if that's the case!), in any case it is definitely worthwhile to spend time testing before you take the deep plunge.

This is also a good time to nail down performance and quality settings. With a reasonably modern GPU, it should be possible to run Morrowind via OpenMW with high amount of visual detail. See the entire performance guide for more information.

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