Video Clips

Chargen Revamped: Bal Oyra to Firewatch
Posted on 2018-08-05

If you're like me and you've played Morrowind more than a few times, using the "Quick" startup from Chargen Revamped - Expanded Lands is a pretty nice way to get the game going, and with a nice twist even. In this video, I do a quick startup but randomize ...

An Expanded Vanilla Intro
Posted on 2018-08-05

Featuring the 'Expanded Vanilla' preset and 'lo-fi' visual settings. That original look and feel at a modern resolution, with Pixelwind V2 to spice it up a bit! To me, this really shows how one can still enjoy that original look and feel even today.

First 15 minutes of gameplay
Posted on 2018-06-30

Want to know what the game might look like if you use every mod in this site's recommended list? Look no further! This video showcases the first 15 minutes of the game with a fully loaded mod list.

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