Comfy Pillow for a restful sleep

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Tired of your vampire getting their rest disturbed by Vaermina's intrusions? Are you looking for a roleplay-friendly solution without completely disabling/reducing the nightmares?

Comfy Pillow for a restful sleep offers such an option by giving some use to a lesser known unique object from the base game: Drarayne Thelas' extra-comfy pillow.

From now on, sleeping as a vampire with the pillow in your inventory will disable the nightmares. Get rid of the pillow to experience them again. Simple as that.

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Data path:
C:\games\OpenMWMods\Gameplay\ComfyPillowforarestfulsleep\00 Base version
Usage Notes:

You will want to use the contents of the 00 Base version folder, unless you are using Truly Disturbing Vampire Dreams(Nexus Mods Link).

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