OAAB - Foyada Mamaea

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This mod overhauls the entire Foyada Mamaea up until Ghostgate making the area much more interesting and varied. Most changes are visual in nature.
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Usage Info

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Data path:
Usage Notes:

Requires OAAB_Data

The plugin is dirty (click to expand/collapse), but will be auto-cleaned by DeltaPlugin and you can skip if you're doing a mod list; a replacement plugin will be provided by BCOM):

$ tes3cmd clean 'OAAB - Foyada Mamaea.ESP'

CLEANING: 'OAAB - Foyada Mamaea.ESP' ...
Loaded cached Master: /morrowind.esm
Loaded cached Master: /tribunal.esm
Loaded cached Master: /bloodmoon.esm
Loaded cached Master: /oaab_data.esm
 Cleaned duplicate object instance (volcano_steam FRMR: 359001) from CELL: molag mar region (2, -1)
 Cleaned junk-CELL: ashlands region (1, 0)
 Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-4, -6)
Output saved in: 'Clean_OAAB - Foyada Mamaea.ESP'
Original unaltered: 'OAAB - Foyada Mamaea.ESP'

Cleaning Stats for 'OAAB - Foyada Mamaea.ESP':
       duplicate object instance:     1
                       junk-CELL:     2
Content Plugin:
OAAB - Foyada Mamaea.ESP
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