OAAB Shipwrecks

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OpenMW Compatibility:
A complete overhaul of every vanilla shipwreck.

If you're using a mod list:

  • Extract the 00 Core folder but you won't need the plugin inside (a replacement that's been edited for compatibility will be given by another mod later on).
  • Extract the 01 Patch - Uncharted Artifacts folder as well, but that won't be used until a bit later.
  • Extract and use the 02 Patch - TR Patch folder and its contents as normal, no special instructions for this one.

The OAAB - Shipwrecks - TR Patch.ESP plugin is dirty (click to expand/collapse):

CLEANING: "OAAB - Shipwrecks - TR Patch.ESP" ...
Loading Master: tamriel_data.esm
Loading Master: bloodmoon.esm
Loading Master: tribunal.esm
Loading Master: morrowind.esm
Loading Master: tr_mainland.esm
Loading Master: oaab_data.esm
 Cleaned junk-CELL: ascadian isles region (4, -15)
 Cleaned junk-CELL: ascadian bluffs region (4, -16)
 Cleaned junk-CELL: ascadian bluffs region (3, -16)
Output saved in: "Clean_OAAB - Shipwrecks - TR Patch.ESP"
Original unaltered: "OAAB - Shipwrecks - TR Patch.ESP"

Cleaning Stats for "OAAB - Shipwrecks - TR Patch.ESP":
                       junk-CELL:     3
Requires BSA:
Has Plugins:
OAAB - Shipwrecks.ESP
OAAB - Shipwrecks - TR Patch.ESP

Suggested folder paths:

/home/username/games/OpenMWMods/FloraLandscape/OAABShipwrecks/00 Core
/home/username/games/OpenMWMods/FloraLandscape/OAABShipwrecks/02 Patch - TR Patch
/Users/username/games/OpenMWMods/FloraLandscape/OAABShipwrecks/00 Core
/Users/username/games/OpenMWMods/FloraLandscape/OAABShipwrecks/02 Patch - TR Patch
C:\games\OpenMWMods\FloraLandscape\OAABShipwrecks\00 Core
C:\games\OpenMWMods\FloraLandscape\OAABShipwrecks\02 Patch - TR Patch
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