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Getting Started: Install OpenMW

Linux: Official binaries with sha256sums Unofficial AppImage (Release and Dev) AUR ,Ubuntu Daily PPA
macOS: Official binaries Dev Build (see below)
Windows: Official binaries Dev Build (see below)
Compile from source: This repo is for installing required dependencies on macOS. Use the build-openmw python script (Linux only).

Should I Use A Dev Build?

To install a Dev Build with the latest features, look for a download link for your platform under the "Development Builds" heading on the official OpenMW downloads page.

Dev Builds are mentioned above as an install option, however you should prefer an actual release build unless you know you have a reason not to (such as: you need a new feature for some mod).

Dev Builds contain the latest features, as well as the latest bugs. Release builds are older but much more battle-tested, so you can expect fewer unknown problems.

Users of Dev Builds are always needed; this is how bugs are found and subsequently fixed. But unless you are OK with possible breakage and/or bug reporting, you will want to go with a stable build.

If you experience a bug in an Dev Build, please feel free to hop into the OpenMW discord server and let the team know about it, or file a bug on the project issue tracker.

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