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A portable Linux executable for OpenMW Launcher, OpenMW CS, Navmeshtool, and the OpenMW engine executable. Source and build instructions can be found on GitLab.
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Usage Info

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Usage Notes:

These AppImages are built and provided by the creator of and are not endorsed or supported by the OpenMW team.

Verify files with minisign:

minisign -Vm <file> -P RWRhRQIxQyKu4Bpxy2AF5lB2el21dlVzMSPuTr3ThgYD3WskT80vbmTH

Latest Release: OpenMW 0.48.0

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Dev Builds: OpenMW 0.49 Version

How To Use An AppImage

  1. Download the file (and minisig)
  2. Verify with minisign
  3. Make it executable
  4. Run it (via terminal or by clicking it in your file manager, or by other means)
curl -sL -O
curl -sL -O
minisign -Vm OpenMW_Launcher-0.48.0-x86_64.AppImage -P RWRhRQIxQyKu4Bpxy2AF5lB2el21dlVzMSPuTr3ThgYD3WskT80vbmTH
chmod +x OpenMW_Launcher-0.48.0-x86_64.AppImage

Report A Problem

Report problems specific to the AppImage on GitLab, where you can also view known issues.

Why Use An AppImage?

AppImages are mostly useful for being standalone executables that just work. There may be an existing, official way to get a release build (e.g. Flatpak) but generally speaking you have to build it yourself if you want to try a development build on Linux.

These are provided as a way for folks to get easy access to development builds on virtually any modern Linux setup (including the Steam Deck), and also for those that just want a single, standalone executable.

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