Vivec Normal Mapped for OpenMW

Step #25 in the One Day Morrowind Modernization list

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Replaces most textures in Vivec, Velothi and Molag Mar except for a few, by another community great -- Lysol!

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If you're also using Project Atlas then these files need to be deleted from that mod to avoid a conflict (and broken textures in this mod):

00 Core/meshes/x/ex_velothi_entrance_02.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_velothi_temple_01.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_velothi_temple_02.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_velothi_tower_01.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_velothi_window_01.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_01.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_02.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_03.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_04.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_05.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_06.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_07.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_08.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_09.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_10.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_11.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_12.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_13.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_14.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_15.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_16.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_h_17.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_w_01.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_w_02.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_w_03.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_w_c_01.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_w_e_01.nif
00 Core/meshes/x/ex_vivec_w_g_01.nif

As well as these if you're using the Project Atlas patches for Glow in the Dahrk:

10 Glow in the Dahrk Patch/meshes/x/ex_velothi_temple_01.nif
10 Glow in the Dahrk Patch/meshes/x/ex_velothi_tower_01.nif
10 Glow in the Dahrk Patch/meshes/x/ex_velothi_window_01.nif
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