OAAB Dwemer Pavements

Step #21 in the One Day Morrowind Modernization list

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Many of the dwemer ruins use unfitting cobblestone textures in their exteriors. This mod replaces the cobblestone textures outside of all Vvardenfell-based dwemer ruins with a new texture. In addition to the texture swap, it also uses a "road edge" mesh which helps blend this new pavement into the ruins and the surrounding landscape.

Usage Info

Data paths:
C:\games\OpenMWMods\Architecture\OAABDwemerPavements\00 Core
C:\games\OpenMWMods\Architecture\OAABDwemerPavements\01 Trackless Grazelands Patch
Usage Notes:

Requires OAAB_Data. Note that the Trackless Grazeland compatibility plugin has special load order requirements. See the mod's included readme or this website's CFG Generator for specific instructions.

Content Plugins:
OAAB Dwemer Pavements.ESP
Trackless Grazeland OAAB Dwemer Pavements Patch.ESP
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