Quill of Feyfolken - Scroll Enchanting

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Dormouse, patched by alvazir
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This is a scroll making mod that will make enchanting scrolls a viable option in Morrowind. Without this mod, enchanting scrolls is just as difficult as enchanting jewelry, but they can only be cast once. This makes enchanting scrolls pointless. The purpose of this mod is to counter these limitations.

Usage Info

Data path:
Usage Notes:
  1. Download the original archive from the link above (the Download Link link).
  2. Download the patched plugin from Nexus Mods (Various patches by alvazir).
  3. Install the mod as you normally would, be sure to load the patched plugin after the original (the load order advised by this website takes care of that).

The original plugin does not fully work with OpenMW due to script errors, this is why the patched plugin is required. See this thread for more details.

The plugin is dirty but will be auto-cleaned by DeltaPlugin (click to expand/collapse):

$ tes3cmd clean 'Quill of Feyfolken 2.0.esp'

CLEANING: './Quill of Feyfolken 2.0.esp' ...
Loaded cached Master: /morrowind.esm
 Cleaned duplicate object instance (llirala sendas FRMR: 150564) from CELL: llirala's shack
 Cleaned duplicate object instance (de_r_chest_01_sanctus FRMR: 150559) from CELL: llirala's shack
 Cleaned redundant AMBI,WHGT from CELL: llirala's shack
Output saved in: './Clean_Quill of Feyfolken 2.0.esp'
Original unaltered: './Quill of Feyfolken 2.0.esp'

Cleaning Stats for './Quill of Feyfolken 2.0.esp':
       duplicate object instance:     2
             redundant CELL.AMBI:     1
             redundant CELL.WHGT:     1
Content Plugins:
Quill of Feyfolken 2.0.esp
Quill of Feyfolken 2.0-OpenMW-Patch.omwaddon
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