On the move - the Ashlander Tent Deluxe remod

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Remake of the classic "Ashlander Tent DX" mod, which added a portable nomadic dwelling.

Usage Info

Data path:
C:\games\OpenMWMods\Gameplay\OnthemovetheAshlanderTentDeluxeremod\Data Files
Usage Notes:

Extract the Data Files folder and also extract the On the Move.esp into that folder.

The plugin is dirty but will be auto-cleaned by DeltaPlugin (click to expand/collapse):

$ tes3cmd clean 'On the Move.esp'

CLEANING: 'On the Move.esp'...
Loaded cached Master: /morrowind.esm
Loaded cached Master: /tribunal.esm
Loaded cached Master: /bloodmoon.esm
 Cleaned redundant WHGT from CELL: seyda neen, arrille's tradehouse
Output saved in: 'Clean_On the Move.esp'
Original unaltered: 'On the Move.esp'

Cleaning Stats for 'On the Move.esp':
             redundant CELL.WHGT:     1
Content Plugin:
On the Move.esp
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