Golden Saint Variety

Author: Leyawynn
Category: NPCs
OpenMW Compatibility: Fully Working
Plugin Needs Cleaning: No
Tags: High Res

This mods adds 5 versions of golden saints, all integrated into the same levelled lists and with the same stats. This will just make fighting golden saints more fun, as they won't look the same every time.

Requires BSA: No
Requires Plugin:
Golden Saint Variety.ESP
Active: Yes

Suggested folder paths:

Linux: /home/username/games/OpenMWMods/GoldenSaintVariety
macOS: /Users/username/games/OpenMWMods/GoldenSaintVariety
Windows: C:\games\OpenMWMods\GoldenSaintVariety
Android: /sdcard/OpenMWMods/GoldenSaintVariety
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