Tougher Sixth House

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This mod modifies the Dwemer strongholds of Venymal and Odrosal to be much more difficult. Finding Kragrenac's tools is no longer easy!

A dwemer ruin dungeon generator was used to create the new areas - 9 new cells for each dwemer ruin. All of them are interconnected and make a true dungeon maze worthy of the Nerevarine. Originally I wanted to do Dagoth Ur as well but I ran out of steam.

I HAND placed all of the new creatures in the pre-generated cells. They are THICK and include the original dwemer creatures as well!

NEW and more powerful versions of the Sixth house creatures have been added to the new areas and some of the old ones.

Nearly all Dagoths (anything with the name "Dagoth") have been made more powerful (higher attack values and soul gem values) and a script to teleport the remaining ash vampires to the heart chamber for the final fight - Borrowed from Sinner's Sixth house advanced mod. Due to the fact that the two mods do similar things this mod *may* conflict with Sinner's Sixth House Advanced. They may be okay if this mod loads second but it has not been tested!

Note: This mod has been made by Sabregirl. I've only reuploaded it.

The README states this has beeb 'cleaned with TESAME', but when I ran tes3cmd it did find junk records.
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