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Data path:
Usage Notes:

Usage instructions:

  • Download the executable:
  • Extract the download to this mod's data path
  • The default radius setting was supposed to be use with an older shader that we don't use in the lists. We suggest going into the waza_lightfixes.cfg and lowering the radius under the [General] code block to 1.2. This will maintain more natural shadows in tombs and similiar areas.
  • Run it by double-clicking. Linux users may have to ensure the file is executable first.
  • MacOS users should instead follow these steps:
    • Open a Terminal window and cd into that directory and run the following command: perl waza_lightfixes.pl
    • If you get any errors, it may be because you need to install some modules. To do so:
      1. Run cpan, which should be installed already
      2. In the Terminal, type install module_name, where module_name is the name of the module you need to install
      3. Type exit to exit CPAN
      4. Run perl waza_lightfixes.pl again and repeat the previous steps if you get any more errors
  • You know it worked when you have a file called LightFixes.esp
  • You may alternately run it via a Powershell or terminal window
    • You may receive output like ESP generated but with warnings FeelsBadMan when it finishes, this is normal
  • You should re-run this any time you change your load order to add/remove a mod that alters cells in some way
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