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TrueType fonts for OpenMW

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Isaskar and Georgd
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Pre-defined setup of TrueType fonts for OpenMW.

Requires OpenMW 0.45 or newer, optional hi-res UI button textures require 0.46 or newer.

  • Download the main file as well as the optional "HD texture buttons" file for the language of your choosing.
  • Extract the main file and copy the "Fonts" folder into your OpenMW configuration folder. This is where your openmw.cfg and settings.cfg files live (see here for more information). Please note that the folder must be named Fonts with an uppercase "F" (if your filesystem/OS is case-sensitive)!
  • Extract the "HD texture buttons" file; inside that is a HiResUI folder which contains a textures folder. Place this textures folder into the data path suggested below and add it to your openmw.cfg file as you would any other mod.
  • The new fonts and high-res buttons should now work as expected. Please see the official OpenMW documentation as a reference for how to install custom fonts such as these.
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