Morrowind Optimization Patch

Step #4 in the One Day Morrowind Modernization list

MOP Team
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Greatly improves performance and fixes some mesh errors.

OpenMW 0.46.0 or newer is required for this to work. If you're also using Weapon Sheathing, please be sure to see the page for Morrowind Optimization Patch - Weapon Sheathing Patch

NOTE: If you're following the One Day Morrowind Modernization, Expanded Vanilla, I Heart Vanilla or I Heart Vanilla: Director's Cut mod lists: be sure to also use the 01 Lake Fjalding Anti-Suck and 04 Better Vanilla Textures folder paths in addition to what's shown below.

NOTE: If you're following the Graphics Overhaul or Total Overhaul mod lists: you won't need the Lake Fjalding Anti-Suck.ESP plugin. Loading it without the data path for it may cause problems when you run Delta Plugin (merging will fail with a related message).

Requires BSA:
Has Plugin:
Lake Fjalding Anti-Suck.ESP

Suggested folder paths:

C:\games\OpenMWMods\Performance\MorrowindOptimizationPatch\00 Core
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