Grass for Tamriel Rebuilt v23.1

Step #67 in the One Day Morrowind Modernization list

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A groundcover plugin to place grass onto the landscape in Tamriel Rebuilt using a blend of Aesthesia Groundcover and Remiros' Groundcover. Now with the optional extra of groundcover in the seas, lakes and rivers.

Usage Info

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Data path:
Usage Notes:

Download the Grass for Tamriel Rebuilt v23.1 (Remiros) and Seas Lakes and Rivers for Tamriel Rebuilt v23.1 files. Extract them both into the base folder path for this mod.

MO2 Users: make sure MO2 doesn't auto-enable the plugins from this mod; see the Extra Configs section below for correct installation details.

NOTE: OpenMW 0.47 (or newer) is required to use this!

Groundcover Plugins:
Grass_TR_Seas and Lakes.esp
Extra Configs:
These values need to be added to settings.cfg (be sure to consult the CFG Generator for a complete readout of all required settings):
enabled = true
stomp intensity = 2
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