Better Sounds 1.1 Patch 2

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Repairs (non-OpenMW-specific) errors in Better Sounds 1.1 by by JEKA, TJ, and Colobos, which broke quests and other mods.

See this wiki page for more detailed notes about this patch. The version linked to from the wiki contains a script error, the version I am hosting has been edited to fix the error (Open the original plugin with OpenMW-CS and select File >> Verify, which will open a pane that displays all warnings and errors. The specific script error can be seen here).

NOTE TO NCGD USERS: If you are following a list, then the list order will have you covered. If you aren't following a list, please be sure to also use Magicka Based Skill Progression - Better Sounds - ncgdMW Compatible - Class-Spec Benefit Fix, which fixes this problem: This plugin conflicts with Natural Character Growth and Decay - MW and Magicka Based Skill Progression - ncgdMW Compatility Version such that your character's Destruction skill will not level up.

The following needs to be set in your [Sound] section in the settings.cfg file:

buffer cache max = 64
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Has Plugin:

Suggested folder path:

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