Master Index Redux

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The wizard Folms Mirel in Caldera is trying to unravel the secrets of the ancient Dunmer Propylon network on Vvardenfel. However, he is missing the indices and needs you to find them.

Usage Info

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Data path:
C:\games\OpenMWMods\Quests\MasterIndexRedux\Data Files
Usage Notes:

You only need the data path. A replacement plugin for the mod was provided earlier in the list by Beautiful Cities of Morrowind.

Note for GOG users: The GOG version of the game comes with the unpatched version of the Bethesda official plugins. You shouldn't activate these plugins as they're all incompatible with the modlist in some way or another. The Master Index Redux mod provides a replacement for the Master Index plugin, while replacement for Area Effect Arrows and Siege at Firemoth was provided by Beautiful Cities of Morrowind, a replacement for Helm of Tohan will be provided later by MOMW Patches, and a replacement for Adamantium Armor was provided by Expansions Integrated.

All of these plugins from the GOG version should be left disabled by the end of the list:

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