Groundcover And Stomping

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OpenMW has special settings for grass and and other types of groundcover.

Usage Info

Usage Notes:

First, enable groundcover by adding enabled = true to the [Groundcover] section of your settings.cfg file (add the section if it isn't already there).

These settings can affect performance and should be adjusted carefully:

  • Set density = 0.5 and adjust as desired to handle the density of your groundcover (up to 1.0).
  • Set min chunk size = 1.0, again adjusting as needed (up to 1.0).
  • Set stomp mode = 2 and stomp intensity = 2 for a 'stomp' effect that's most noticeable.
  • Setting rendering distance = 6144.0 controls how far out the groundcover will be drawn (in this case, roughly one cell), this will likely have a noticeable impact on performance.

Please see the Tips: Performance page for more information about how to do performance tweaking and testing, as well as the official documentation for groundcover (settings page), for more information about other related settings.

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