MOMW Post Processing Pack

Dexter, Zesterer, wazabear, akortunov, wareya, various
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Data paths:
C:\games\OpenMWMods\PostProcessingShaders\MOMWPostProcessingPack\01 XE-Shaders
C:\games\OpenMWMods\PostProcessingShaders\MOMWPostProcessingPack\02 OMWFX-Shaders
C:\games\OpenMWMods\PostProcessingShaders\MOMWPostProcessingPack\03 ZesterersVolumetricClouds
C:\games\OpenMWMods\PostProcessingShaders\MOMWPostProcessingPack\04 WareyaOpenMWShaders
Usage Notes:
Extra Configs:
These values need to be added to settings.cfg (be sure to consult the CFG Generator for a complete readout of all required settings):
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force per pixel lighting = true

[Post Processing]
enabled = true
chain = ssao_hq,underwater_interior_effects,underwater_effects,depth_of_field,clouds,godrays,bloomlinear,Film Grain TwoPass,Deband,hdr,FollowerAA
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