Out of Beta

2018-06-30 | by M'aiq The Admin under Announcements

Welcome back, outlander. On this fine day I've decided that this site is no longer considered a "beta". Months of work and countless hours of playtesting have brought me here, and I'd like to list just a few of the more noteable changes that I've rolled out:

  • Added High Poly Candles, Divine Dagoths, and Morrowind Optimization Patch to the recommended list.
  • Removed Divine Dagoth Ur and Talrivian's State-Based HP Mod from the recommended list, but they are still featured as alternatives. The former has been superceded by "Divine Dagoths", and the latter was not compatible with NCGDMW.
  • Updated Apel's Lighthouse Retexture, there was an OpenMW-specific version that I missed.
  • Updated the description and/or usage notes on a large portion of mods.
  • Added Mod "tags" as another way to group mods. For instance, those looking for an expanded vanilla experience minus the HD graphical changes could only use mods tagged "Expanded Vanilla". I'd love feedback about this.
  • Gameplay images and videos are now featured. There's only one of each at the moment, but I plan to expand this as I log more time in the game.
  • Expanded the "Getting Started" section, it now has its own sub-pages. More content than I can talk about in one line.
  • Expanded the "Tips" section as well; it too now has sub-pages that go into more detail on various key topics.
  • Added a "TODO list" page, where I list out mods I'd like to evaluate for addition to the site.
  • Link to the "Errata" page from the front page. This page existed for a while but was pretty much empty.
  • Fixed several formatting issues on both mobile and desktop views.
  • Many many under-the-hood tweaks that you will never notice, but make running/growing the site easier for me.
  • Much more that's not listed here. In total over 100 commits to the site's VCS repo!

But that's not all, here's what I have planned for the future (in no particular order):

  • An openmw.cfg generator -- using this website pick and choose the mods you want and generate a downloadable, usable config file.
  • An advanced search page that allows for more granular grouping and filtering.
  • More image and video samples of various mods.
  • More TES3MP stuff in general. Someday there will be an official "Modding-OpenMW.com" server!
  • If I can get the TR folks to share their code, I'd love to re-host their excellent name generator. Failing that I might look into writing my own.
  • I've written a few small, convenience mods that I'd like to share at some point. They do things like autoselect MCA and NCGD values so you don't have to see any menus when you start a new game. Others are patches for mods that need manual edits (meshes, texture renames, etc.)
  • Whatever else I can't think of right now, or haven't yet thought of.

As always, huge thanks to all the folks who submitted feedback. A round of skooma on me next time you're in my neck of the webs...

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