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A major goal of this site is to provide an up-to-date list of mods that are great for OpenMW. To that end, I will keep an eye out for new mods and test them out along with the other recommended mods. Sometimes, I'll find out about a mod that seems cool, but might not make time to try it right away. In those cases, I'll list mods that I intend to check out here.

Vanilla Wood Cutlery Replacer: These look really nice.
Dwarven Gear Replacer: Another small but nice looking replacer.
Hagrnat Flying Fortress v4: Player home.
Map Deluxe v 1.0: A map item that's more detailed than the menu map.
Legend of Chemua: I want to say I tried this and it had conflicts, but now as I type this I can't recall exactly and will probably try it again.
Hanging Vines Replacer: The before/after pics nicely demonstrate how this mod subtly improves the vines.
Volendrung PBR: Because the other PBR weapon replacers are awesome.
Better Clothes Merge Fix: This should fix the awkward appearance of some clothing combos.
Raven Rock HD: Putting this here because I'd like to do a side-by-side comparison of this and the current textures I use for Raven Rock.
Ozzy's Grass Merged 1.0: Seems like a nice alternative to Vurt's Groundcover, I'd like to try it out.
Subtle Magic Glow: Might be good for those who don't like the vanilla plastic wrap effect but also want some kind of magical glow.
Sufficient Adamantium (OpenMW): Seems like a good one to have for balance/completion's sake.
Meteorite Ministry: Makes the Ministry of Truth look more meteor-ey.
Nerano Vaults: A player home that sounds like it could give The Abandoned Flat a run for its money!
Scum Retexture: More beautiful scum. We care about scum on this website!
A Strange Plant: Seems like it could be a nice expansion to the world, familiar for those who've been to Cyrodiil..
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